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user January 5, 2024 No Comments

With the most recent round of the eCHIS activities happening at breakneck speed, a contradiction was observed— genuinely proficient project officers and teams navigated a whirlwind of activities but struggled to capture the essence of their learnings in real-time. Despite their experience, documentation of crucial insights took a back seat, relegated to the final moments when events had long lost their vibrancy.

In this frantic dance of competing priorities, valuable information swiftly became transient, slipping through the cracks amidst urgent administrative and compliance-related paperwork that commandeered the spotlight. The absence of opportunities for spontaneous feedback on the product (CHT-based eCHIS app) and the attendant implementation activities perpetuated this cycle, depriving the project of vital insights crucial for its evolution.

In addition, the absence of regular collaborative meetings beneath the leadership ranks exacerbated this predicament. The train of progress boasted many cabins but teetered precariously on the edge of derailment. The dire need for synthesising information while it’s still fresh and relevant remained unmet, leaving critical details scattered amidst the unforgiving timelines.

Consequently, documenting of learnings was deferred to the project’s climax—an exercise in gleaning remnants rather than a deliberate effort to build an active inventory of knotty project issues. This delay not only jeopardises the essence of crucial project insights but can also hinder the effective resolution of complex challenges.

The urgency of timelines necessitates a shift—an evolution in the approach towards documentation and knowledge synthesis. Under the circumstances, real-time capture of learnings becomes imperative, necessitating a departure from the prevalent norm of delayed documentation. Collaborative forums, extending beyond leadership circles, must emerge as incubators for information synthesis, fostering an environment where insights are captured and distilled while events are still vivid.

Empowering teams with the opportunities to document their learnings in real-time is paramount. Harnessing the spontaneity of insights is an endeavour that can pave the way for a more holistic understanding of project intricacies, steering the narrative towards effective issue resolution and proactive problem-solving.

In the composition of eCHIS activities, integrating real-time documentation and knowledge synthesis can emerge as the vital enterprise to strengthen outcomes and future proof subsequent districts’ implementation. This evolution doesn’t merely capture events; it cultivates a stream of insights, nurturing an environment where each thread of knowledge contributes to weaving a robust repository for project learnings.

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